c5logo.pngTo develop websites we primarily use the content management system concrete5. It's a free, easy to use but incredibly powerful system, that not only makes us more efficient as developers but empowers our clients to take real ownership of their sites.

Concrete5 meets both the needs of our clients and our technical needs.

This choice of CMS wasn't something we made lightly - not only have we extensively compared it with other leading content management systems, we've really put it through it's paces on countless real and complex website projects. After building 50+ sites in concrete5, it's proven itself. 

We need to base the websites we build on a platform that we can rely on, one that is secure, flexible and one that we can extend easily with our own customisations. We continue to be impressed by its feature set, its community and its direction. 

Simply put, concrete5 allows us to produce better websites for our clients.  

Ryan and Lelita have helped me with custom payment gateways, concrete5 add-ons, custom themes and whole sites. Their knowledge of concrete5 ensures that my clients go WOW.

James Leech

James Leech design & communication

The concrete5 specific services we can provide

  • Custom, responsive theme development
  • eCommerce deployments and customisations
  • Custom block and package development
  • Concrete5 upgrades and bug-fixing
  • Migrations and optimisations
  • Training, advice and support
  • Complex site set-ups using advanced permissions, the 'composer', custom page types and single pages

We don't just use concrete5, we're certified

We've completed all of concrete5 certification courses, as an extra indicator that we don't just use concrete5, we know it in depth.

We're active members of the concrete5 community, keeping ourselves fully informed as to updates and system improvements as they become available. Several 'blocks' built by us to extend on concrete5's functionality are available for free in the concrete5 marketplace.

We're also a concrete5 certified agency partner

Mesuva's concrete5 profile

Many web designers rely on countless CMS plugins to build their sites, creating maintenance nightmares and systems with gaps in functionality. Too often these developers don't possess the technical skills to build complex but elegant solutions.

When we build you a website, we know what we are doing.

To find out more about concrete5 please visit their website, view our the concrete5 section of our technical blog or contact us for more information.