On several occasions we've been asked whether we outsource our development and programming tasks (specifically to inexpensive programmers overseas), and if we don't, why don't we?

The answer to the first question is simply no - we don't outsource our development tasks. Lelita and I do the actual 'development' in 'Mesuva Web Development'.

Here are our main reasons why:

1) We innovate and problem solve as we develop. That's what we're best at.

Developing effective websites isn't just about writing code, it's about coming up with creative and often cutting-edge ways to solve both recurring and ad-hoc problems. Sometimes it's about trying something new, experimenting or even on occasion having to completely change direction with a project. No matter how much we plan, design and wireframe our projects, we always presented with challenges.

2) We develop components and workflows for re-use across projects. We use lots of tools to reduce our development time.

Efficient programmers re-use code and write it for flexibility and cross-purposes. Often we'll develop a component a particular way because we know it will be used in another project in the future. We're constantly reviewing the way we develop, to identify ways we can make our build processes more efficient and our work a high quality. If we outsourced our development tasks we'd lose many of these  efficiency benefits, both for current projects and also for future ones.

3) We're the ones supporting the projects, so we need to know the code and configurations directly.

It's critical for us that we can quickly and expertly make changes and fix bugs in any of the systems we deploy. Therefore, we need to know intimately how the sites have been developed. If we outsourced our development tasks, we'd be too removed from the code and what we ultimately support. Our clients also aren't left waiting for changes - we can make adjustments in minutes instead of waiting days for updates to be made.

4) Others come to us for technical expertise, it's our skills and knowledge that empower us.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we're web development experts and truly understand the technologies we work with. Whether it's an obscure styling technique or a way to structure a database, there's a high chance we've got related experience. It's this experience that sees us being approached by others for help. We're also constantly learning about new techniques, trends, tools and technologies, pretty much on a daily basis. It's critical for us to remain highly skilled - outsourcing our work would see these skills diminish and reduce what has made our business successful. 

5) We enjoy our work.

This is ultimately the main reason why we don't outsource our development. We enjoy working with code, solving problems and creating website and online systems. Why outsource the things we enjoy about our business?

So outsourcing our development tasks would actually be counter-productive, and would erode the true strengths of our business.