Working with designers from Front Design in Sydney, this site build included the additional challenge of building a modern and interactive website that could be displayed on Internet Explorer 6.

Sydney based web design agency Front Design engaged us for the construction of their newest website project, Maxigenes Baby Formula website. Designer Angus Hume created the look and feel of this website and we were humbled to work with such an impeccable designer.

His design features 3D rendered images which look incredible. The required functionality is classic with many subtle features to enhance a user experience. It was important to build the site to make the most of these features, and the elegance of the design.

Also, Maxigenes required the site to be IE 6 compatible for users in some of their markets. This posed a challenge for us in the build stage, but the result is something we are proud of.

The site features a home page banner area slide show which cycles automatically through large graphics. These graphics each contain links to various pages. Users can also select which graphic they wish to view using small blue buttons on the bottom left of the images.

For the convenience of site visitors the individual product pages contain tab browsing. This means users can view detailed information under separate headings without having to navigate to new pages. These tabs also feature automatic scrolling so that users remain at the correct position on the page as they browse.

Because Maxigenes is a baby formula company it is important to them that site viewers are well informed about the importance of seeking medical advice regarding child health. To this end a pop up "Important Notice" has been included. When site visitors navigate to the Products page this notice appears, reminding parents/ care-givers to consult healthcare professionals if they are unsure. This pop-up has been configured to only appear once per site visit, so that users only need to acknowledge this advice one time and not repeatedly during their visit.

The site also incorporates an interactive Google map to display stock locations. A user can click on the name of a store and the map will move to display the store's location and a pop up shows its address.

Overall we are extremely proud of this website. The design was excellent and challenging, but we feel we have done it justice.