September and October were busy months for website building at Mesuva, with several smaller sites for different disability services our focus.

We worked on three websites promoting disability services in South Australia: Workforce Innovation through Self-Managed Supports, SACID and Our Voice SA. Because of the nature of these organisations keeping to a suitable budget, while still producing a quality website was paramount. We worked with the respective groups to create engaging, clear and affordable website solutions for them all.

These sites are all focused on clear dissemination of information and providing natural and easy to use navigation. The organisations wanted a platform to showcase what they do and how people can make contact for support and guidance.

To facilitate this we used open and spacious designs, and observed colour contrast and font size guidelines to ensure accessibility.

These websites feature:

  • Banner images
  • Our calendar system
  • Feedback and content forms
  • Blog / news sections
  • Mobile Responsive as standard

Visit the sites to see their full detail: