BDMS specialise in the sale of new and used CNC Machinery. Their website focus was to act as an online catelogue of their available products so potential customers could browse the available stock with ease.

The website design was created by Scott Hutton of Twenty20 Graphics and is visually eye-catching.

As many customers now access the web via portable devices such as mobiles and tablets (iPads) we built this website to be fully mobile responsive, including the addition of a mobile friendly drop-down navigation bar and the re flow of content for clarity on multiple screen sizes.

The website has been highly customised to suit the requirements of BDMS - with custom blocks built to manage and display category lists, product lists and products, much as you would expect to find in a webshop.

The product listings can feature tables of data on the machine being displayed, multiple graphics or the machine, a lightbox function to enlarge the images for better viewing, this light box also features automatic or manual scrolling, videos of the machines in action