The Foundation of Rural and Regional Renewal wished to display their Annual Report for 2012 as a website, making it easy to access for all interested parties.

Working with Julie Weldon from JAW Communications and Scott Hutton from Twenty20 Graphics we designed and developed a dynamic and interactive online Annual Review.

The Annual Review is designed to display information about the funding and distribution of funds through FRRR. It also features a large number of stories highlighting the work of FRRR in communities across Australia.

The website features:

  • interactive graphs to highlight funding distribution,
  • interactive photos of the board members and FRRR team,
  • a scrolling banner for key pages,
  • flexible page layouts to allow the information to be presented diversely,
  • videos of interviews with communities in which FRRR has operated,
  • a full site search,
  • photo galleries with a lighbox effect to enlarge photos for clearer viewing.

The site also features an interactive map of Australia which allows viewers to see where across the country that FRRR has been involved with communities. These locations can be clicked on to read a brief summary of the funding project and contain a link to the full story page.