Dent Brakes wished to have an online shop from which to sell and promote their kart braking system products. They also wished to update the look and feel of their Dent Engineering website.

To do this it was decided that a new website for Dent Engineering would be designed and built as well as separate Dent Brakes online catalogue and shop.


We created a clean and clear design for both websites, using a similar layout and structure but with different colour schemes. This way, visitors to the two sites would see the visual connection between them but also be guided to the different product focuses by colour.

Online shop and payment integration

We configured our open source ecommerce solution for concrete5, Community Store for Dent Brakes online shop.

Dent Brakes have a range of kart braking systems in various categories. The use of a clear side navigation to allow users to move through the categories and products with ease.

The Community Sore checkout can be configured to work with multiple payment gateways. For Dent Brakes we integrated Pin Payments as the payment gateway.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 2.35.56 pm.png

Weight based shipping and product configuration

Many of Dent Brakes products have additional configuration settings, some of which alter the weight of the product.

Community Store allows for a set of product variations to be set per product as well as price alterations by variation.

We configured the shipping rates to be weight based, so depending on the weight of a product or set of products the cost of shipping increases. We will be updating the Github version of Community Store with these additional features soon.

Other features include

  • Mobile ready theme
  • Breadcrumb navigation within the shop section for clarity

View Dent Brakes here