BDMS was ready to update their website with a refreshed look and feel and a new business focus. Over the years their business direction has changed, so a new sitemap and page hierarchy were needed.

The new design concept was created by Scott Hutton of Twenty20 Graphics, featuring product lists, carousels and a layered sidebar menu to provide a clearly navigable site structure. The design is big and bold, with various additional styling elements for usability and visual appeal.

Site structure and menus

The new site structure was designed to focus on grouping the available products underneath their brands. Within each brand there are multiple categories and then products. The clever use of colour and size in the customised sidebar menu allows users to quickly see and navigate through to the categories or products that they are looking for. The drop down navigation from the top-level menu is also customised to display this hierarchy, providing a clear flow throughout the site.

Custom search

To further enhance the usability of the site a customised site wide search was configured to allow users to search for products within set categories: News Machines, Used Machines and Tooling.

Site users can simply click on the relevant search button and a search field pops up for the search function. Only results from the chosen broad category will be displayed.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 2.28.37 pm.png

Product detail management

Each product has a lot of information and detail to fully describe its features and use, including configuration diagrams and tables. To prevent this extra detail from becoming overwhelming, a series of accordion sections were configured for each product. When inputting a product the required accordions can be created and then filled with detail. The number of required accordions can be customised per product.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 2.30.01 pm.png

Product promotion

The home page features a large scrolling banner image to allow for specials and product promotions to be displayed prominently.

There is also product carousel that cycles through all the available product categories and a large Featured Product area to highlight key products as required, providing the opportunity for a changing home page to promote the most relevant stock as required.



We worked closely with Digitalo, who specialise in Search Engine Optimisation to ensure the site was configured to perform well in internet searches.

The flexibility of concrete5’s SEO configuration settings made this process seamless. Digitalo could login and make updates to page names, image tags, and meta data as we were working on the site styling and configuration.

Other features include:

  • Easy product addition via concrete5's composer functionality
  • Flexible page layouts
  • Mobile responsive theme

View the full BDMS website here