Goodman Fielder wished to have a new website created to highlight and catalogue their range of frozen bread products.

Working together with Harley Slatter of Slatter and Partners, we developed a design in keeping with the feel of Goodman Fielder’s main website, but with its own individual feel for the frozen range. The site’s layout reflects a catalogue feel, with easy navigation through the different brands and product ranges.

Goodman Fielder's Frozen Range website is an excellent example of where a website acts as a catalogue with uniformly presented products, descriptions and imagery.


To ensure the easy addition, editing and maintenance of products we set up concrete5’s composer feature for the input of all products. Working from a Product Page type, each product is added via composer fields and automatically displayed across the website, with the system taking care of all presentational elements.

Because of the importance of composer in the editing of the content on this site, we included our edit in composer button feature, which allows you to move to the composer fields for editing from the page itself.

Composer form to add a product

Mobile Responsive

In keeping with the expectations of a modern website, Goodman Fielder's Frozen Range website is fully mobile responsive with content re-flowing to best fit smaller screen sizes.

Other key features

The website also features a rotating banner on the home page, to enhance the visual appeal of the site and to highlight the available products.

Each individual product page includes a pop-up nutritional panel. This allows for the important nutritional information to be clearly presented without taking up extra space on the product page, freeing the content up for product descriptions and imagery.

Ultimately this website allows us, Slatter and Partners and Goodman Fielder to quickly and efficiently populate the site with product content. Into the future the addition of new products and updating of product information will continue to be an efficient and smooth process.

Visit the Fresh to Frozen website