Scott Hutton from Twenty20 Graphics is a designer we have had the pleasure to work with across many projects. So naturally when it was time for him to update his own site, we were there to do the build.

Taking Scott's high quality design and vision for his site, we adapted concrete5 to create a highly flexible and visually appealing platform to showcase his excellent design work.

Flexible Platform

To display the website content effectively several different page layouts were styled. Coupled with this was the inclusion of an additional navigation feature. When viewing the gallery of work, extra sub-section headings appear under the main navigation so that visitors can burrow deeper into the different types of design work offered by Twenty20 Graphics and see examples of this work.

Different sized banners on main pages make the content adaptable. The home page features a large rotating banner to highlight the services of Twenty20 Graphics, while on the Contact page the banner is a Google Map, coloured to match the design.

Future Proof

As this site is for a designer of both graphics and websites, it is important that the site itself reflects a modern approach to using the web. The main considerations here were a mobile responsive theme and graphic quality.

Mobile responsive theme

So that all users of the website have access to a clear display of Scott’s work, we incorporated a mobile responsive theme, so that the content re-flows appropriately to be viewed on all sized screens. Using Sass and Compass in our build made it easy to manage and style to suit the different page layouts and design features.

Resolution independent graphics

When implementing a mobile ready theme, it is also important to consider image quality. Many mobile devices now feature retina screens, which allow for sharper graphic displays. To take advantage of this and to ensure all of the site's graphics appeared sharp on all screens, we used both SVGs and CSS in the styling of images and graphic elements on the site.

Composer Driven

The main aim of this website is to demonstrate Scott Hutton’s design skill and flare, so that clients, both on going and potential, can browse his works and be inspired.

To this end the site needs to be easy to update and manage – including the addition of graphics. Conceret5’s composer feature is perfect for this. We set up composer to match the content Scott would wish to display, all that needs to be done is the completion of clearly defined fields and upload of images. The site takes care of the styling and page placement automatically.

Visit the Twenty20 Graphics website to check out breadth of Scott's design work.