A brand new site for LHI, utilising the beautiful photography of James Field.

LHI were ready to upgrade their website. It was essential for this new site to highlight the housing options and services offered by LHI as well as provide access to further information for potential clients.

We designed, styled and configured this new website.

Wire-framing and designing LHI's online presence.

Because of the multiple levels of information to be displayed on this website, we started by wire framing each page type, ensuring a clear flow of information for users.

When approaching the design phase our focus was to highlight the photographs of the facilities and people living and working in LHI homes. To this end, we allowed ample space for photographic banners and the inclusion of lightboxed images.  James Field Photography provided outstanding images for the website, which capture the environment at LHI wonderfully.

We based the colour scheme on the existing logo. 

An example of one of the 'wireframes' we developed

Building the site

The building process went smoothly, mostly because of the success of the extensive wire framing. 

Some of the key features of the build are:

  • Fully mobile responsive website
  • A customised link block to allow images to be linked to pages with customised text
  • Scrolling banners with optional text block
  • Lightboxed images
  • Styled page lists
  • Customised testimonial block

The result

LHI staff have found the site easy to manage and edit, allowing them to be fully in control of their new website.

The design and customisations have modernised their website, making it much more attractive and clear website.