This is the second business directory that we have developed, with it providing a platform for the association to post news, information and the members' information.

The Strathalbyn District Commerce Association (SDCA) wished to update their existing online directory.

Concrete5 provides an excellent platform to manage the membership information, with each listing being managed by a custom page type, with custom attributes storing individual pieces of business data (phone, email, website, etc). 

The Directory

As this is a business listing website, the directory was the most important element of the build.

We took the basic structure we had used on the SABA business directory and applied it here. 

SDCA can input businesses using the composer feature of concrete5. This makes the input of data as simple as filling out a form. Once entered our custom code displays these businesses in a listing format for the directory, and in full on an individual business page.

We also included an inbuilt google map for location clarity.

Streamlining the process

The initial transfer of business listings from the old site to the new was handled by us. We set up a private page and emailed members of SDCA a link to it. On this page members were asked to complete a submit a form requesting all their business details. This form was then automatically emailed to us by the system.

This allowed us to collect updated data, to ensure all the business listings were full and accurate, including the addition of logos.

Other site features

Of course the site also functions as a promotion of the area of Strathalbyn, advertising events and local news.

  • To facilitate this side of the website we included the following features:
  • Scrolling home page banner
  • A news and events highlight on the home page
  • Editable home page link buttons, to highlight the key event of the time, eg Christmas parades.