Living Real Estate were ready for a website to promote their properties to rent, buy and sell. Working with Scott Hutton from Twenty20 Graphics we put together a flexible website to address their needs.

Design by Scott Hutton of Twenty20 Graphics

Scott Hutton of Twenty20 Graphics created the new, open and visually interesting design for this website. The main goal was to include space for visual interest through large graphics and to allow the properties to be well displayed.

Custom property management block

We created a custom property management block to facilitate the easy addition and management of new properties to rent or buy.

The block features an easy to use form to create a property and categorise it under Buy or Rent.

The system then automatically places the property and handles the styling to provide easy visual consistency.

The block features include:

  • Property feature summary : bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces and cost
  • Lightboxed property images
  • Property highlight box
  • Quick link to more details

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 10.24.19 am.png

Custom scrolling testimonial block

The home page features a custom scrolling testimonial block. This block scrolls through a range of customer testimonials to highlight the successes of Living Real Estate.

Custom staff profile block with scrolling display

The custom staff block features a scroll down display. All staff members are shown in a page list and when clicked on the page moves down to reveal their full details and contact information.

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 10.58.01 am.png

Floating Nav

To allow for easy navigation across the website we incorporated a ‘sticky nav’. This means that the top navigation bar moves down the page with a user so that they can access the full site with ease at any time.

Other key features

  • Concrete 5.7 website
  • Scrolling home page banner
  • Mobile Responsive

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