Opening Homes is an information sharing website conceptualised by the Julia Farr Association. It aims to showcase disability features in homes to provide information and ideas.

The Opening Homes website is a showcase of private properties and how they have been adapted to suit the usability needs of individuals. The idea is to highlight the various features of private homes and provide inspiration and normalisation of such features.


Scott Hutton of Twenty20 Graphics created a clear and flexible design to allow site visitors an easy to use experience. The design is open and clean with multiple page layouts to suit the varied content.

Featured Homes

The purpose of the site is to feature homes that have been adapted for the individual needs of their owners. To clearly present this information and to ensure consistency is layout and design, we utilised concrete5's composer form functionality. Homes are input like blog posts, but with specific attributes such as: videos with pop up information boxes, highlight summaries, galleries and more.

Automatic icons to highlight certain usability features are also incorporated for swift recognition of whether the home is relevant to an individual user.


The website also featured an information blog. Each post is categorised, has tags for sorting and share buttons to share the post on social media platforms.

Other features include:

  • Mobile Responsive theme
  • Flexible grid layout for home page features
  • Full site search
  • Adherence to WC3 accessibility guidelines

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